Wednesday, December 31, 2008

World's Most Expensive Things

In the last week of 2008, worldmustbecrazy wanna give a present for you, this is a gift for a fans of worldmustbecrazy, here is the world's most expensive things.. just imagine, what is the most expensive things in the world?? do you believe if the world's most expensive things are a chocolate box?? hehehe that's really crazy and sounds weird isn't it?? Ok here is the Gift for you.. it's better for you to give one of these things for your lovely ones.. here is World's Most Expensive Things

1. 1 Chocolate Box for $ 1,500,000

La Chocolat serve a selected chocolate along with a diamond collection from Simon's Jewelry, This Diamond Collection are packed along with the chocolate box including a Natural Yellow and Blue Diamond Collection, Jewel, and Sapphire, the price of those chocolate box along with those diamond are worth $1.500.000

2. Cellphone for $1.300.000

This cellphone was designed by Peter Aloisson, Diamond Crypto, this smart phone are made from platinum and gold, and have 80 diamonds on it's cover, and about 50 diamonds on it's side (10 of them was a blue diamond), The cellphone navigation button are made with a half carat diamond which are formed by 28 diamonds, this thing is worth for $1.300.000

3.hello kitty for $163.000

This Hello Kitty miniature was made by Platinum. with width 3.8cm and height 5.6cm, with weight 590gr. this miniature was decorated with a ribbon which was made from a precious stone including, diamond, ruby, pink sapphire and amethysts and also blue topaz, this miniature are worth for $163.000, this thing are sold on Mitsukoshi departement store in tokyo. but it only one in this world. so do you wanna buy it?? for $1.000

This most expensive pizza are made by Nino's Bellissima Pizza in New York USA. This Pizza contained of creme fraiche, chives, 8 ons 4 kind of Petrossian caviar, 4 ons Maine Lobster tails which slice thin, salmon roe,and a little wasabi with diameter size 12 inch. this pizza consist of 8 slices so you have to pay $125 per slice.

5.Handbag for $1.630.000

On 14 june 2007, Ginza tanaka introduce this platinum diamond hand bag on a exhibition in tokyo. this handbag are made from 100% pure platinum, which also decorated by 2.182 Diamond with total 208 carat. this handbag are worth for $1.630.000

6. tequila for $225.000

Can you imagine to spent $225.000 only for buy a drink?? in july 2006, Tequila ley 925 buy a bottle of Platimum and White Gold tequilla for $225.000 from a collector in Mexico city, this drink are made from 100% 6 years old Blue Agave Liquid. this corporation won the Guinness Book of World Record for "World's Most Expensive drink" This company also sell the Golden series for $150.000 and $25.000 for Silver Series

7. Cricket Ball for $68,000

This Diamond Crowned Cricket ball are given as a gift for the Best Indian and Best International Players at 2007 Cricket World Cup Tournament on Cricket World Tournament. this cricket ball are made by Gitanjali Gems Ltd, each ball are covered by 5.728 diamonds, with the total value for about $60.500

8. TV Plasma for $130,000

Yalos Diamonds LCD TV spend $130.000 but it's really worth it because this LCD TV are Covered with a Gold and 20 carat Diamonds

9. tea bag for $14,000

PG tips are a tea maker company from England, Boodles Jewelers(which is the leading jewelry company in england) make a tea bag covered with a diamond in 75 Years celebration of PG Tips this tea bag are home made with 280 diamonds with value of $14,000

10. Gundam character for $41,000

Ginza Tanaka Jewelers Japan, and the Bandai Toy's Company utter that the Miniature from Famous Japan Anime Character "Gundam" (Gundam are the japanesse longest animation series) this miniature are have a weight of 1,400gr with 13cm height, made by pure platinum which made the based name of this toy "Gundam Fixed Platinum" this thing is worth for $41.468

11. Car Park for $225,000

Maybe you need this car park if you live in Manhattan USA, but with the price of $225,000 it's better to buy a Ferrari or live in another place outside Manhattan, in Manhattan a land is really limited so the car park are treated as a real estate, the people also have to wait and queue in a waiting list to get this car park, and also the people who doesn't has a car also buy this spot... OMG the worldmustbecrazy
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Crude Oil Rises as Israeli Attacks on Gaza Roil Middle East

Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil rose for a second day after Israeli air strikes in the Gaza strip raised concerns that supply from the Middle East, the world’s largest producing region, may be disrupted.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel is fighting a “war to the death” with Hamas, the group that controls Gaza. Prices also advanced as China, the world’s second-biggest energy consumer, said it will supplement its emergency oil stockpiles while prices are low, and the United Arab Emirates announced compliance with OPEC production cuts agreed on this month.

“The instability in the Middle East may well push oil prices higher,” said Rob Laughlin, a senior broker with MF Global Ltd. in London. “China’s plans to stockpile crude may take up some slack from the demand destruction from the economic slowdown.”

Crude oil for February delivery rose as much as $4.49, or 12 percent, to $42.20 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. It was at $40.11 at 10:16 a.m. in London. Today’s gain pares oil’s plunge from its $147.27 a barrel record on July 11 to 72 percent.

Futures prices fell 11 percent last week, reaching a four- year low of $32.40 on Dec. 19.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Co., the United Arab Emirates state- owned producer, will reduce crude-oil exports in January and February after OPEC agreed to lower output as of Jan. 1. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, supplier of more than 40 percent of the world’s oil, agreed on Dec. 17 to trim daily production targets by 2.46 million barrels next month.

China’s Stockpiles

Chinese companies will be encouraged to utilize spare oil- storage capacity while state and commercial reserves of other “strategic resources” will be set up, Zhang Guobao, also the vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, wrote in an article in the official People’s Daily today.

Brent crude oil for February settlement climbed as much as $4.81, or 13 percent, to $43.18 a barrel on London’s ICE Futures Europe exchange.

The Israeli air strikes, launched to halt rocket attacks by Islamic militants after a six-month truce with Hamas ended Dec. 19, killed more than 285 people, prompting protests across the region from Saudi Arabia to Syria.

Israeli tanks and armored personnel carriers began taking up positions outside the perimeter fence of the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio said. The army refused to comment on the report.

Oil prices soared to a then-record $78.40 a barrel in July 2006 after Israel attacked Iranian-backed Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. At the time, Iran, the fourth-largest oil producer, was facing international sanctions over its nuclear program, while pipeline attacks had also cut output in Nigeria.

Gold may also benefit if any escalation of the tension in the Middle East drives investors toward a “safe haven,” said Toby Hassall, a research analyst at Commodity Warrants Australia Pty in Sydney. Bullion for immediate delivery rose 1.7 percent to $884.42 an ounce, having gained as much as 3.1 percent on Dec. 26.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Singers Who Can't Sing

Everyone is still having a fit about Kanye West's SNL performance of "Heartless" the other week. Did he lip-synch? Didn't he? The debate misses the bigger issue: Kanye can't sing.

Truth be told, ability is not always the most important thing when it comes to singing. The proper amount of attitude, charm, and self-deprecation go a long way to replace actual vocal chops. Ask David Lee Roth and Bob Dylan, two dudes who can't sing a note but make up for it with sheer chutzpah (and in Dylan's case, an ungodly amount of lyrical prowess). Singers who know they can't sing are always forgiven.

Kanye, however, broke the cardinal rule of bad singing. He stepped outside of his preapproved vocal zone.

No one expects Kanye to sing. In fact, no one wants Kanye to sing, because we know he can't. Write an insanely catchy melody? Yes. Continue to be the biggest ego on the planet? Yes. These are the things we want from our Kanye. But when he begins to think he can pull off a ballad by actually singing it? That's when he's gone too far.

There are two kinds of bad singers in the world: the ones who kid themselves into thinking they're good (Kanye) and the ones who try too hard — all the time. These are the Mariahs, Beyonces, and Christinas (although Ms. Aguilera is learning; her Nina Simone tribute on the Grammy nomination show this month was remarkably restrained). These performers wring the last bit of life out of every note. Just because you can sing every octave perceptible to the human ear doesn't mean you have to. These singers don't know when to hold back. They are perpetual vocal grandstanders, sucking all of the oxygen out of the room.

Here are some other legendary bad singers. I'll avoid easy targets, like Yoko Ono and Michael Bolton. Yes, she inspired the B-52s. Who cares? And Bolton has received his punishment for butchering so many songs by being relegated to "Where are they now?" status. Time has passed him by, and we won't be hearing from him again.

These folks are ones who won't go away and, worse yet, won't learn to sing. Know your enemy, my friends. Protect yourselves. And check out the complete list here.


She's the grande dame of song killers, insisting on suffocating every song with sincerity. Oh, Celine is so sincere. She demands that you love her and her songs. She forces herself on a song like a bad date.

The problem with Madonna (or, I should say, one of the many problems) is that she’s built a career on being a diva, and divas need to sing. No amount of line dancing, costume changes, or bodybuilding can hide the fact that she can't sing.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of the most musical bands around. Flea, Frusciante, and Chad are the some of the most talented dudes to ever groove together. If only they had a better singer. I could deal with Anthony until "Under the Bridge.” A great tune but way outside of his approved vocal zone. He’s much better when he's doing his "Give It Away" mumble-rap thing.

Here's another one of these "I think I'll sing a ballad 'cause I can rap" dudes. And to add insult to injury, he tried out his vocal chops on the Who's epic "Behind Blue Eyes.” Aside from the fact that he has no inherent sensitivity to the song, HE CAN'T SING! It makes me mad to this day.


There was a time when a certain type of entertainer was called a "song-and-dance man.” The description assumed that the entertainer actually knew how to sing and how to dance. Michael Jackson, Cab Calloway, Jackie Wilson, James Brown? All song-and-dance men. I'll even give you Justin Timberlake. Chris Brown? Dance man. Definitely a dance man. Keep dancing, Chris.

See more in our Worst Singers Hall of Fame FlipBook.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

'Smallest' Christmas tree

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Snow

1 Snow is a mineral, just like diamonds and salt.

2 Lies your teacher told you: Most snowflakes don’t look like the lacy decorations that kids cut from folded paper. Flakes are generally bunches of those perfectly symmetrical crystals stuck together.

3 No two alike? More lies! Many crystals are almost identical in their early stages of growth, and some of the fully formed ones are pretty darned similar.

4 A snow crystal can be 50 times as wide as it is thick, so even though crystals can be lab grown to more than two inches across, they’re generally far thinner than a piece of paper.

5 At the center of almost every snow crystal is a tiny mote of dust, which can be anything from volcanic ash to a particle from outer space.

6 As the crystal grows around that speck, its shape is altered by humidity, temperature, and wind; the history of a flake’s descent to Earth is recorded in its intricate design.

7 Freshly fallen snow is typically 90 to 95 percent air, which is what makes it such a good thermal insulator.

8 Thundersnow—a blizzard with visible lightning—is rare. But some scientists hypothesize that all lightning is born of snow that’s just out of sight: Ice crystals in clouds collide and generate electricity.

9 According to Guinness World Records, the largest snowflake ever recorded was a 15-incher that besieged Fort Keogh, Montana, in 1887.

10 There are occasional reports of red, yellow, or black snow falling from the sky, probably due to pollen, windblown dust, or ash and soot.

11 Don’t eat the red snow, either: “Watermelon snow,” ruddy-tinted drifts that smell like fresh watermelon, gets its color from a species of pigmented algae that grows in ice. The snow tastes great, but eating it will give you the runs.

12 Due to our increasing passion for skiing and snowmobiling, avalanche fatalities in the United States have risen sharply in the last 50 years. About 270 people have died that way in the past decade, roughly a fifth of them in Colorado.

13 No need to whisper: Shouting, yodeling, and most other loud sounds cannot trigger an avalanche.

14 The whitest place in the United States is Valdez, Alaska—near the site of the infamous oil spill—which receives 326 inches of snow a year, on average.

15 But it doesn’t snow very much at the poles. Most blizzards there are made up of old snow that is blowing around.

16 In Antarctica, the hard, flat snow reflects sound waves with incredible efficiency. Some researchers say they have heard human voices a mile away.

17 Don’t buy the urban legend that Inuit cultures have hundreds of words for snow. Many linguists say there are so many Inuit dialects and so many ways to parse a word that it’s like counting how many words Europeans have for love.

18 “Snowflake” Bentley took the first photographs of snow crystals in 1885 by attaching a bellows camera to a microscope and manipulating his frozen subjects with a severed turkey wing. After capturing over 5,000 stunning crystals, he died of pneumonia.

19 Too much snow can drive a person crazy. Pibloktoq, a little-understood hysteria seen in people living in the Arctic, can cause a wide range of symptoms, including echolalia (senseless repetition of overheard words) and running around naked in the snow.

20 The big freeze: According to the “snowball Earth” theory, roughly 600 million years ago our planet was entirely covered in snow and ice. Others argue that no complex life could have survived that wintry a wonderland. Except maybe Bing Crosby.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Meet The iBar


Springwise: We wrote recently about the interactive wine bar at Adour in New York City's St. Regis Hotel, and since then we've spotted several mentions of iBar, a related innovation by UK-based Mindstorm.

Unveiled in 2006, the iBar is a customisable surface technology that turns any bar into a giant version of an interactive, touch-sensitive screen. Integrated video projectors can display any content on the bar's milky surface, while built-in intelligent tracking software continually maps the position of every object touching its surface. That input is then used to let the projected content interact dynamically with the movements on the counter, allowing coloured lights, for example, to illuminate, link and follow every movement of hands, bottles and glasses. Multiple people can interact with the iBar at once, and virtual objects can be "touched" with the fingers, enabling a game of pinball where players shoot with their thumbs, for example. Content that can be displayed on the iBar includes internet content, interactive games and advertising; bars can also be fitted with Bluetooth technology to allow consumers to download their own content. The iBar is a stand-alone system comprising modules 2m long, and it can be networked wirelessly to allow interaction between two or more separate units.

Interactive touch-bar [Springwise]

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Las Vegas gets record Dec. snowfall, 3.6 inches

LAS VEGAS – Flights resumed in and out of Las Vegas, but schools and highways were closed Thursday after a record-setting snowfall coated marquees on the Strip, weighed down palm trees and blanketed surrounding mountain areas. The city awoke to clear weather after a storm that left 3.6 inches at McCarran International Airport. It was biggest December snowfall on record there, and the worst for any month since a 7 1/2-inch accumulation in January 1979, forecasters said.

In this photo provided by the Las Vegas News Bureau, people play in the snow in front of the Las Vegas welcome sign in Las Vegas on Wednesday, December 17, 2008. [Agencies]

The storm Wednesday and early Thursday also dumped snow or rain and snarled travel in other parts of Nevada, much of southern California and parts of northern Arizona.

"It looks like Whoville, all snowy, but with less joy and more extreme misery," said Calen Weiss, 19, who was stuck Wednesday when snow in the Cajon Pass east of Los Angeles disrupted travel on Interstate 15.

Cajon Pass and another leg of Interstate 15 near the Nevada line both reopened by midday Thursday, while Interstate 5, the major route between Northern and Southern California, partially reopened.

In Washington state, Seattle got a rare 4-inch accumulation, and in Spokane, the 17 inches piled up by 4 a.m. Thursday broke a 24-hour record total of 13 inches set in 1984. Spokane declared a "Condition Red" snow emergency, meaning crews will work around the clock until they complete a full city plow.

For Las Vegas, the storm left heavy wet accumulations of snow along the famed Strip. At least one carport toppled under the accumulated weight, authorities said, and motorists in Henderson parked their cars and walked home when tires spun as they tried to navigate slippery uphill climbs.

Thursday was the first snow day for Clark County schools since the 1979 storm, district spokesman Michael Rodriguez said.

Airlines resumed flights Thursday after canceling dozens of them late Wednesday, McCarran airport spokesman Jerry Pascual said.

"Visibility has lifted. The outlook for the day is much better," Pascual said as the sun rose Thursday. Pascual said just one flight had gotten out overnight and stranded travelers were forced to sleep on lounge seats and floors at the nation's sixth-busiest airport.

In Arizona, snow was widespread in the state's higher elevations, with 24-hour accumulations reaching 10 inches in Flagstaff by daybreak. By 10 a.m. Thursday, official weather service measurements had 18 inches of snow on the ground in Flagstaff. Authorities said major highways were open but advised drivers to be careful of packed snow and ice.

In western Washington, the Seattle School District had been mocked by some for closing schools Wednesday with just a threat of snow. The threat became a reality Thursday, and 4 inches of snow by midday left many drivers spinning their wheels on slippery roads.

The National Weather Service said the city even had an episode of "thundersnow" when a storm cell moved across Puget Sound.

Rachel Bjork, 36, waited in vain for a downtown bus at a stop in north Seattle as four outbound buses passed.

"I'm getting a little annoyed. It's cold," Bjork said. "I would suspect there's probably going to be four people at work. Usually there's 30."

In Kitsap County, across Puget Sound from Seattle, authorities said freezing weather may have claimed the life of a 36-year-old man who wandered from his house wearing only light clothing. Deputies said he had been ill and there was no evidence of foul play.

Even Malibu, Calif., got a dusting of snow Wednesday, as the usually balmy city saw a half-inch in the afternoon.

"It's kind of cool if you think about it, said Craig Levy, director of a juvenile detention camp. "It's kind of unusual to see snow in Malibu."

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World’s Biggest Things

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Toshiba 512GB Notebook SSD

Toshiba 512GB Notebook SSD

Toshiba on Thursday introduced what it says is the first 2.5-inch, 512-GB solid-state drive for notebooks.\
The vendor plans to showcase the storage device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. The new drive is one of a series of SSDs built with Toshiba's latest 43-nanometer manufacturing process.
The drives also will come in capacities of 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB, which will be available in 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch enclosures. Samples of the new products will be available in the first quarter of next year, with mass production scheduled for the second quarter. Toshiba did not disclose pricing.

Toshiba's second-generation SSDs include a multilevel cell controller that achieves read/write speeds of 240 MBps and 200 MBps, respectively. The drives also offer data encryption that complies with the Advanced Encryption Standard.

Other specs include a serial ATA-2 interface and a mean time between failures of 1 million hours. Depending on the model, the drives weigh from a half-ounce to about 2 ounces.

SSDs are typically lighter, are more durable, consume less power, and deliver higher performance than traditional hard-disk drives. The technology, however, costs much more per gigabyte than HDDs. As a result, SSDs are used in select applications, such as mini-laptops where less weight and more durability in a storage device are important.

Within the data center, SSDs have been targeted for applications that require faster transaction times.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Oprah Winfrey says she weighs 200 pounds

An embarrassed Oprah Winfrey says she's "fallen off the wagon" of healthy living and has ballooned to 200 pounds.

In January's "O" magazine, Winfrey, 54, details her recent struggles with an out-of-balance thyroid and how the condition made her develop "a fear of working out." She says she's gained 40 pounds since 2006, when she weighed 160.

"I look at my thinner self and think, `How did I let this happen again?'" the talk-show queen says in the article provided early to The Associated Press by Harpo Productions.

"I'm embarrassed," she says. "I'm mad at myself."

Winfrey's weight and height put her body mass index at 31.8, which is obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC says people who are obese are at higher risk for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Winfrey says she's abandoned trying to get thin. She just wants to be strong, healthy and fit. She hopes to get started with her upcoming "Best Life Week," starting Jan. 5 with an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" during which she is expected to talk candidly about her weight.

Winfrey famously wheeled a wagon loaded with fat onto the set of her talk show in 1988 to represent a 67-pound weight loss while wearing a pair of size 10 Calvin Klein jeans. She had lost the weight with a liquid protein diet.

"When it comes to maintaining my health I didn't just fall off the wagon. I let the wagon fall on me," the chairwoman of Harpo Inc. writes. "I didn't follow my own fundamental rule of taking care of self first."

In 2005, Winfrey said she starved herself for four months to lose weight. Ever since, her weight has yo-yoed. She weighed as much as 237 pounds and by late 1990 acknowledged she had regained most of the 67 pounds, saying "I'll never diet again."

In 1993, she hired personal trainer Bob Greene and the next year finished the Marine Corps Marathon. By 1996 she said her roller-coaster weight saga was over.

But now, Winfrey finds herself tipping the scales again, telling AP Television last week that she has yet to choose a gown for President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural ball next month.

"I had a dress on the vision board, but I'm not sure that's gonna fit," Winfrey said. "So I have to work on something else."


On the Net:

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Worldwide Flight Routes Through Youtube!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Launches AdSense for domains to all publishers

Google just launches AdSense for domains:
This product allows publishers to earn revenue through ads placed on undeveloped domains.

With AdSense for domains, users can find relevant information rather than see empty pages or “page not found” errors. Today we present ads, links, and search results on the pages, and may add other useful information in the future. To ensure positive user experience and the quality of our network, these sites are monitored for policy compliance and prohibited from using text and images designed to confuse users.

In another word, domain parking can use adsense from now on.
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Google Chrome No Longer Beta

Since we first released Google Chrome, the development team has been hard at work improving the stability and overall performance of the browser. In just 100 days, we have reached more than 10 million active users around the world (on all seven continents, no less) and released 14 updates to the product. We’re excited to announce that with today’s fifteenth release we are taking off the “beta” label!

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Ali Alatas Former Indonesia Foreign Minister Dies

The Jakarta Post reports:

Former foreign minister and seasoned diplomat Ali Alatas died Thursday morning of a heart attack at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth hospital, aged 76. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Alatas had been admitted with heart problems to Medistra hospital in Jakarta on Nov. 20, but was transported to Singapore four days later.

His body was flown to Jakarta on Thursday evening and taken to his family home in Kemang, South Jakarta. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will lead the military burial procession Friday morning at the Kalibata Heroes’ Cemetery in South Jakarta.

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Top Tips For Making An Emergency Landing

Don’t Panic
This is the most important step - you absolutely must not panic. When you first arrive in the cockpit you can be sure of at least one of two things: either the pilot will have set the plane to fly on auto, or he will have “trimmed” it to fly “hands off”. In both cases the plane will maintain a steady speed, course, and height. In addition, the pilot will have filed a flight plane, so Air-Traffic Control (ATC) will be aware of your flight.

Check the Pilot
First of all you must remove the pilots feet from the area of the rudder pedals (these are in pretty much the same position as the pedals in a car). After this, make sure that his hands and body are not obstructing the control column or “yoke” (this is sometimes also called the joystick). Most modern planes have dual controls - this means you should be able to land from the co-pilot’s seat. If not, you will need to remove the pilot entirely from his seat so that you can take his place.

Assess the Situation
Once you are sitting, don’t touch anything - you need to evaluate the situation first. Check the attitude indicator - this is usually found in the center of the top row of instruments in front of the pilot. The attitude indicator is also called the artificial horizon or the gyro horizon. This shows the position of your plane in relation to the ground - it will show whether the wings are level, and whether the plane is climbing or ascending, or flying at a steady height. It shows a pair of straight lines (representing the wings) - behind which is a sphere or ball that is divided horizontally (the top is the sky - usually blue, and the bottom is the ground, usually brown). If the two lines representing the wings, and the white dot between them (which shows the position of the plane’s nose) line up with the fixed line representing the horizon, you are fine. If they don’t line up, it probably means that autopilot is off and you are not following a level course.

Level the Plane
If the autopilot is off you are going to have to manually take control of the plane. Move the yoke in front of you little by little to get the wing lines on the attitude indicator level with the horizon line. Pull the yoke toward you to bring the nose of the plane up, and push it bring the nose of the plane down. Moving it from left to right will bank the plane in the same direction. Do this all very gently until the plane is flying straight and level. Do not use the rudder pedals.

Cry for Help
In front of you in the centre you should see the radio. If you can’t find a microphone on the panel, put on the pilot’s headset. Press the button labelled PTT (Push To Talk) and say m’aidez (mayday - from the French meaning “help me”) three times. Speak slowly and clearly. Follow this by saying “Pilot unconscious”. Release the PTT button so the receiver of your call can reply to you.

Set Tracking Device
Directly below the radio should be the transponder - this identifies your plane on the radar and sends out your location so ATC can track you. Set the dials to 7700 (or type the number in) - this stands for “General Emergency” - once it is set, ATC will know you have a problem.

Follow Instructions
By now someone at air traffic control should be able to communicate freely with you and give you step by step instructions on landing. Follow the instructions exactly and do not be afraid to ask any questions or for the controller to repeat himself. You will be instructed on how to bring the aircraft to a safe height for landing. He will also tell you what to do to control engine power, how to lower the landing gear, and changing course if you need. He will describe all of the other instruments you need to be aware of. You may end up landing in a field or on a road - so keep your eyes out for power lines and trees.

Approach Landing Zone
As you approach the landing area, stay in a straight line. Just before hitting the ground, pull back slightly on the yoke - this will lift the nose of the aircraft and ensure that you land on the main wheels beneath the wings. As you slow down, the nose will naturally come forward.

Perform Post-Landing Procedure
Once the main wheels are on the ground, reduce your speed by pulling the throttle right back towards you. This is a big black level between the pilot and co-pilot’s seats, or a large knob - usually black - in the lower center of the of the instrument panel. A lot of light aircraft have toe brakes on the rudder pedals - if these are installed on your plane, press them gently to bring the plane to a standstill - avoiding skidding.

Perform Final Steps
If there is a key (like a car’s ignition key) on the instrument panel, turn it to kill the engine (wait until the plane is at a complete standstill!) Help the pilot in any way you can and then, once the propeller has stopped turning - exit the plane. With a little luck, great fame now awaits you!
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Traffic lights at Japan

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Weird Religious Practices

Mormom Temple Garments
In some denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement, the temple garment (or the Garment of the Holy Priesthood, or informally, the garment or garments) is a set of sacred underclothing worn by adult adherents who have taken part in a ritual ceremony known as washing and anointing ordinance, usually in a temple as part of the Endowment ceremony. Adherents consider them to be sacred and may be offended by public discussion of the garments. Anti-Mormon activists have publicly displayed or defaced temple garments to show their opposition to the LDS Church.

According to generally-accepted Mormon doctrine, the marks in the garments are sacred symbols (Buerger 2002, p. 58). One proposed element of the symbolism, according to early Mormon leaders, was a link to the “Compass and the Square”, the symbols of freemasonry (Morgan 1827, pp. 22-23), to which Joseph Smith (creator of Mormonism) had been initiated about seven weeks prior to his introduction of the Endowment ceremony.

Scientology E-Meter
An E-meter is an electronic device manufactured by the Church of Scientology at their Gold Base production facility. It is used as an aid by Dianetics and Scientology counselors and counselors-in-training in some forms of auditing, the application of the techniques of Dianetics and Scientology to another or to oneself for the express purpose of addressing spiritual issues.

E-meter sessions are conducted by church employees known as auditors. Scientology materials traditionally refer to the subject as the “preclear,” although auditors continue to use the meter well beyond the clear level. The preclear holds a pair of cylindrical electrodes (”cans”) connected to the meter while the auditor asks the preclear a series of questions and notes both the verbal response and the activity of the meter. Auditor training describes many types of needle movements, with each having their own special significance.

A 1971 ruling of the United States District Court, District of Columbia (333 F. Supp. 357), specifically stated, “The E-meter has no proven usefulness in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease, nor is it medically or scientifically capable of improving any bodily function.”

Exorcism is the practice of evicting demons or other evil spiritual entities from a person or place which they are believed to have possessed (taken control of). The practice is quite ancient and still part of the belief system of many religions, though it is seen mostly in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Solemn exorcisms, according to the Canon law of the church, can only be exercised by an ordained priest (or higher prelate), with the express permission of the local bishop, and only after a careful medical examination to exclude the possibility of mental illness. The Catholic Encyclopaedia (1908) enjoined: “Superstition ought not to be confounded with religion, however much their history may be interwoven, nor magic, however white it may be, with a legitimate religious rite”.

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Jewish Kaparot
Kaparot is a traditional Jewish religious ritual that takes place around the time of the High Holidays. Classically, it is performed by grasping a live chicken by the sholder blades and moving around one’s head three times, symbolically transferring one’s sins to the chicken. The chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor, preferably eaten at the pre-Yom Kippur feast. In modern times, Kapparos is performed in the traditional form mostly in Haredi communities. The ritual is preceded by the reading of Psalms 107:17-20 and Job 33:23-24.

On the eve of Yom Kippur 2005, more than 200 caged chickens were abandoned in rainy weather as part of a Kaparot operation in Brooklyn, NY; some of these starving and dehydrated chickens were subsequently rescued by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Jacob Kalish, an Orthodox Jew from Williamsburg, was charged with animal cruelty for the drowning deaths of 35 of these chickens. In response to such reports of the mistreatment of chickens, animal rights organizations have begun to picket public observances of kaparot, particularly in Israel.

Shamanism Wikipedia
Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. There are many variations in shamanism throughout the world, though there are some beliefs that are shared by all forms of shamanism. Its practitioners claim the ability to diagnose and cure human suffering and, in some societies, the ability to cause suffering. This is believed to be accomplished by traversing the axis mundi and forming a special relationship with, or gaining control over, spirits.

Shamans have been credited with the ability to control the weather, divination, the interpretation of dreams, astral projection, and traveling to upper and lower worlds. Shamans were used in Tibetan Buddhism as a form of divination by which the Dalai Lama was given prophesies of the future and advice.

This is a cultural practice rather than a religious one. The practice of dowry exists across India. Despite laws against it, the practice continues. The girl child’s dowry and wedding expenses often sends her family into a huge debt trap. As consumerism and wealth increase in India, dowry demands are growing. In rural areas, families sell their land holdings, while the urban poor sell their houses.

To curb the practice of dowry, the government of India made several laws detailing severe punishment to anyone demanding dowry and a law in Indian Penal Code (Section 498A) has been introduced. While it gives boost to a woman and her family, it in the same time also put a man and his family in a great disadvantage. Misuse of this law by women in urban India and many incidents of extortion of money from the husband done by the wife and her family (this is called sowry) have come to light.

Mormon Baptism of the Dead
Baptism for the dead, vicarious baptism or proxy baptism is a religious practice of baptising a living person on behalf of an individual who is dead; the living person is acting as the deceased person’s proxy. It has been practiced since 1840 in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where it is also called temple baptism because it is performed only in dedicated temples.

In the practice of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a living person, acting as proxy, is baptized by immersion on behalf of a deceased person of the same gender. The baptism ritual is as follows: after calling the living proxy by name, the person performing the baptism says, “Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, I baptize you for and in behalf of [full name of deceased person], who is dead, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” The proxy is then immersed briefly in the water. Baptism for the dead is a distinctive ordinance of the church and is based on the belief that baptism is a required ordinance for entry into the Kingdom of God.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints vicariously baptizes people regardless of race, sex, or creed. This includes both victims and perpetrators of genocide. Some Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and their supporters have objected to this practice.

Jainist Digambaras
Digambar also spelled Digambara is one of the two main sects of Jainism. Senior Digambar monks wear no clothes, following the practice of Lord Mahavira. They do not consider themselves to be nude — they are wearing the environment. Digambaras believe that this practice represents a refusal to give in to the body’s demands for comfort and private property — only Digambara ascetics are required to forsake clothing. Digambara ascetics have only two possessions: a peacock feather broom and a water gourd.

The native Jain communities of Maharashta, Bundelkhand (MP/UP), Karnataka, Tamil Nadu are all Digambaras. In north India, the Saravagis and the Agrawals are also Digambaras. In Gujarat and Southern Rajasthan, the majority of Jains follow the Svetambara tradition, although some Jain communities of these regions like the Humad are also Digambaras.

Islamic Niqab
A niqab is a veil which covers the face, worn by some Muslim women as a part of sartorial hijab. It is popular in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf but it can also be found in North Africa, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

The niqab is regarded differently by the various schools of Islamic jurisprudence known as madhahab. Some see it as obligatory, or fard , while others see it as recommended, or mustahab, and a few see it as forbidden. The majority of scholars believe hijab is required, but only a few see niqab as required, although this is not the common perception among the general population.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Refusal of Blood Transfusions
A fundamental doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses teaches that the Bible prohibits consumption, storage and transfusion of blood, including in cases of emergency. This doctrine was introduced in 1945, and has been elaborated upon since then. Although accepted by a majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses, evidence indicates a minority does not wholly endorse this doctrine. Facets of the doctrine have drawn praise and criticism from both members of the medical community and Jehovah’s Witnesses alike.

In 1964, Jehovah’s Witnesses were prohibited from obtaining transfusions for pets, from using fertilizer containing blood, and were even encouraged to write to dog food manufacturers to verify that their products were blood-free. Later that year, Jehovah’s Witnesses doctors and nurses were instructed to withhold blood transfusions from fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses. As to administering transfusions to non-members, The Watchtower stated that such a decision is “left to the Christian doctor’s own conscience.”
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