Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lacy underwear for men now available in stores

It is an open secret that some men try on lacy underwear, bras, suspender belts and other sexy lingerie of their girlfriends and wives. Such men, if they can be referred to as ‘men’ in this case, do not have to hide their secret desires nowadays. Lacy men’s underwear is already available in stores.

American designers created a whole collection of lacy underwear for men. The first test batch appeared in an underwear store in Arizona. The general public had a predictable reaction to it: men grumble and frown, whereas women laugh and purchase many of those undies for their ‘men’.

Men's lace lingerie is for any man who loves the feel of lace against his skin, website reports. Most women know how decadently luxurious lace can help them to feel; why shouldn’t men experience the same? Whether this is a look you’ve been searching for, or is one that you are just mildly curious about, these lacy undergarments are definitely worth exploring.

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Man attempts to have sex with raccoon and has his penis severed

A shocking incident took place not so long ago in Russia’s Tver region. A 44-year-old man, named only as Alexander K. attempted to have sex with a raccoon. The predator bit a big piece of the man’s most cherished organ off.

“We could not believe it when we had a call from a hospital inquiring about a specialist to conduct the autopsy of a raccoon who had choked on a man’s penis!” a vet doctor said. “The man has had a hard time, of course, but this story cracks me up every single time I think about it,” he added. Vicious raccoon bites man's penis off

Alexander K, a native of Volgograd, could never imagine that his outdoor weekend with his friends would have the most terrible ending possible.

It was a men-only party, with lots of vodka and dirty jokes. In the middle of the party the men had a guest from the natural world – they noticed a beast, which looked like a cat, they later said.

“It was a cute black and white fluffy animal with huge green eyes and a gorgeous tail,” the unluckiest of the men said. “We decided to have fun and caught the beast. A friend of mine told me that the raccoon was a kind and caring animal. Since we had no women in the company I thought that the raccoon could take care of me,” the man said.

Alexander pulled out his penis and got down on his knees in front of the animal. The vicious raccoon suddenly attacked the man’s penis and bit off a large piece of the man’s pride.

Alexander lost almost a half of his penis. Blood was gushing out of the lacerated wound. His friends did everything they could to help their wounded brother and called the ambulance.

Surgeons said that they would not be able to do anything to recreate the penis. They only managed to stop the bleeding and sent the man to the Moscow-based institute of urology.

“We were shocked with what we saw. How could anyone ever think of doing anything like that? He was lucky that the beast was healthy. We examined the body of the raccoon and did not find rabies. We told the man that he could have a plastic surgery of the penis to have it recreated. On the other hand, he obviously needs to have his head examined, not the penis,” a doctor said.

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Elderly man unveils ultra-rare picture of Marilyn Monroe hitchhiking naked

A 73-year-old man residing in Las Vegas caused a funny stir in the media this week, when he announced that he had found an ultra-rare nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe.

Lawrence Nicastro said that he had found a poster-size black and white picture of the legendary actress last year, when he was looking through storage items at his home in Las Vegas. The man thought that it was a customer who had left the picture at his service station in the Bronx in 1962. Elderly man unveils ultra-rare picture of Marilyn Monroe hitchhiking naked

The man and his wife, Phyllis, spent four months fishing for information about the picture. The couple called Chris Harris, a publicist and a Monroe expert, for help. The latter scheduled a news conference to unveil the image to reporters.

The two men gave a sneak peak to The Associated Press prior to the news conference.

Reporters laughed when the ultra-rare nude picture of Marilyn Monroe turned out to be a picture of Madonna. The image originally appeared in Madonna’s Sex book, a bestseller, which she published in 1992 along with the release of her Erotica album. On the photo Madonna appeared hitchhiking naked; she was wearing only heels and a handbag.

"You're right; it's Madonna," Harris said after being told of the mix-up. Harris said he believed someone had slipped the poster into Nicastro's storage as a prank.

"If there ever was an embarrassing moment," he said, adding that he planned to go ahead with the news conference to "face the music."

There is one person, he noted, who should feel good about the mistaken identity.

"Who wins here? Madonna, of course," Harris said. "She really looks like Marilyn Monroe."

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Manchester United are masters of mind over matter

If ever you wanted to understand the intrinsic reason why Manchester United are again the newly crowned Champions of England, then you only had to watch around half an hour of their game at Wigan last week.

The invaluable commodity of mind over matter underpinned United's comeback in the last half hour, from a 1-0 deficit to a crucial 2-1 win. Somehow, it perfectly epitomised their season. No matter that the rain swirled down, no matter that this was United's second game in four days, their third in a week after the drama of the Champions League semi-final 2nd leg at Arsenal.

Thus, by Saturday night by which time they had also played Arsenal and secured the single point necessary to clinch the title, Sir Alex Ferguson's men had have played four games in 12 days. Not just run of the mill matches, but every one a potential decider in either the race for Rome and the Champions League final, or the battle for the Barclay's Premier League title.

It would be easy to look at Ferguson's handsome squad and sneer about no pressure because of an excess of quality. And it is true, even their closest rivals must drool at the manner in which the £30 million man Dimitar Berbatov is omitted, rested and then brought in, as fresh as a daisy at the end of a long, gruelling season.

Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal must also drool at the manner in which Wayne Rooney, truly the Duracell bunny, has continued to run and work as though these were the early weeks of a new season, not the climax to a 10 month slog through assorted countries and climatic conditions. It is doubtful whether any player in the Premier League consistently puts in as much effort and drive as Rooney.

But there is another, key reason why Manchester United are celebrating their 18th Premier League title, the one that rivals Liverpool's record. It is their 11th Premier League title in 16 seasons, a quite extraordinary illustration of their supremely efficient consistency, not to mention quality.

The key man in that phenomenal run hasn't been Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane or any other player. It is Sir Alex Ferguson and his insatiable appetite which has delivered these King-like riches to the fawning followers of a remarkable football club.

Ferguson's attitude, his fierce will and drive, are what make Manchester United the club they are. Plenty of clubs have had plenty of fine managers down the years but none have matched the longevity of Ferguson's winning ways, nor his iron discipline. The man has a motor that simple never stops, hardly needs to pause for re-fuelling before setting off again in search of fresh achievements.

Ferguson has been the manager of this and just about every season for the last 16 because he has done what is the hardest thing of all to achieve – earn success and then repeat it, year after year after year.

What has been at the heart of his success is his ability to transmit that almost fanatical will to win, to keep on winning and keep piling up the trophies, to the minds of his players. At any other club, you would have wondered how they would react to going in at wet Wigan on Wednesday night, a goal down.

Limbs must have still ached from the Manchester derby the previous Sunday and besides, there was always the ‘insurance' policy of still having two games after the Wigan match to collect the four points they needed to be sure of the title. But that isn't Ferguson's way. True, his men left it late to clinch all three points at the JJB Stadium but they did it through Phil Carrick's goal in the 86th minute.

That meant just a point from the Arsenal game at Old Trafford on Saturday was enough and it was duly secured.

This attitude, of supreme professionalism intermingled with burning desire and a fanatical will, has again proved too potent a mix for any of United's rivals. It may well do so again next season when Manchester United set out in pursuit of a fourth successive Premier League title and, maybe, a third consecutive Champions League title.

As Ferguson has long since demonstrated, when you have a man at the helm with his driving will, simply anything is possible.

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Carrie Prejean's family used homosexuality as an insult

The new image of Prejean appeared Wednesday on the site, flying in the face of Prejean's assurances to pageant reps that the earlier photo was the only one.

The site has been down due to heavy traffic, but CNN reports the second image, like the first, shows Prejean in pink panties and no top, facing away from the camera.

Pageant officials met Tuesday after the first photo appeared to consider stripping Prejean of her Miss California USA title for keeping the photos a secret. Failure to disclose semi-nude photos is grounds for disqualification from the contest.

While the photos released so far appear no more revealing than the swimsuit Prejean wore on stage, Nik Richie, publisher of, has indicated there are more to come.

Prejean's publicist says Prejean posed for the photos when she was 17 in order to land a modeling job. Prejean herself defended the first image, saying, "I am a Christian, and I am a model ... Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos."

Prejean, whose anti-gay marriage comments during the Miss USA pageant thrust her into the national spotlight, may also have some explaining to do about a series of court documents from her parents' messy, decade-long divorce proceedings.

The papers, dug up by, show that Prejean's parents flung a series of homosexual allegations against one another.

In one of the documents, Prejean's father describes a confrontation he had with her mother in 1996, in which "Ms. Prejean accused me, in front of our daughter, of homosexuality."

Another excerpt quotes a court-appointed doctor who said "The mother questioned [within hearing of the girls] whether [her father] was a homosexual or had a homosexual roommate."

Court papers dated May 16, 2000, include the following statement from a court-appointed counselor: "The mother also alleges the father told the girls their stepfather was gay, that all men with mustaches are gay."

Prejean's father "acknowledges talking with the girls about the stepfather's brother being gay, not the stepfather," said the papers.

Prejean has said she believes her gay marriage views cost her the crown. She has since signed on to star in a controversial National Organization for Marriage campaign supporting "opposite marriage."

"Marriage is good," Prejean said at a news conference announcing the ad campaign. "There is something special about unions of husband and wife. Unless we bring men and women together, children will not have mothers and fathers."
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