Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I need to build more infantry pretty soon

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Not my first choice for a vacation

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Graphic teen sex ad that shocked a nation

A FILM clip made for the UK's National Health Service has drawn criticism for its graphic depiction of a schoolgirl giving birth in a playground while being watched by students.
The film's shocking content saw it pulled from video-sharing website YouTube, but it has since reappeared on the site in several forms.

The video clip was made for the NHS in a bid to cut the rising number of teenage pregnancies across the UK, and appears to show real footage shot on a mobile phone.

Warning: Video contains graphic content

It hit the internet as The Sun broke the news in the UK that baby-faced 13-year-old Alfie Patten is not the actual father of Maisie Roxanne, a teenage pregnancy story that made headlines around the world last year.

Shocked viewers responded strongly to the playground birth video, with comments ranging from "pretty sick" to: "Are they that bored in Leicester?"

Tim Rideout, chief executive of NHS Leicester City, told UK website Metro.co.uk: "We know this film is hard-hitting but so are the numbers of under-18s getting pregnant in Leicester.

"Nearly half the city's wards are classed as teen pregnancy 'hotspots'."

He said that traditional marketing, such as leaflets and posters, did not get the teenage sex and pregnancy message across to many of the target demographic.

While Alfie Patten has been released of his teenage fatherhood duty - much to his dismay - DNA tests still revealed that Maisie's father was a 15-year-old schoolboy, Tyler Barker.

According to The Sun, Tyler lives on the same estate as Maisie's mother, Chantelle Stedman, herself a 15-year-old who claimed at the time of pregnancy that Alfie was "the only boy I've been with".

"I love Alfie. I lost my virginity to him. There has been no one else," she said.

However, the DNA tests were paid for by Social Services after no less than six teenage schoolboys came forward claiming to be Maisie's father.

Tyler’s family had claimed Maisie was his child since her birth in February.

Locals heard his gleeful brother Jake, 17, running up and down the street outside their council house on the same estate after Maisie was born.

He was yelling: “My brother’s shagged Chantelle. He could be the dad.”
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Masturbation in showers

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WTF r u doin, exactly? [PIC]

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A friend saw this on the PA turnpike a while back... do you think they know?

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Marlboro Transformers

Hey bachelors! Ever wondered what to do with those stock piles of empty cigarette and condom boxes you're too lazy to throw out? MAKE TRANSFORMERS! Not only are you recycling (which the ladies love), you're proving to everyone that even though you have way too much time on your hands, you put that time to good use. Now if only you could use those empty beer bottles for something, you'll never have to throw out the trash again!
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Other functions of the BOOBS

The first function you may already know that is for the breastfeeding child. is correct?

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Maxim Top 10 women 2009

1. Olivia Wilde

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

We may not know a McDreamy from a McNugget, but when it comes to TV doctors, there is only one who makes our body temperature rise. The pulse-quickening internist played by Olivia Wilde on House, M.D. is named Thirteen (which we presume is out of 10) and has a terminal illness that causes her to dabble in drugs and casual sex. (That’s how we want to go!) But we were drooling over this N.Y.C. native long before she was injected into Fox’s hit medical drama. Roles on small-screen faves The Black Donnellys and The O.C. introduced Olivia to the world, but it’s her prehistoric part in this month’s Year One that will put her on top of it. As the object of Cro-Magnon lust in the Judd Apatow-produced, Harold Ramis-directed, Jack Black-starring comedy, Olivia will surely knock moviegoers back to the Stone Age. Ugh!

2. Megan Fox

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

Seriously, do women get more painfully hot than this? Megan Fox has the face of an angel, a body so perfect that God may have carved it out of soap while in the shower, and sex appeal that could melt a unicorn’s horn. Plus, we hear she smells like clouds! Look for Megan as robot bait in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a cheerleader in Jennifer’s Body, and a beauty beguiling Josh Brolin’s disfigured gunslinger in Jonah Hex. And look for us to keep typing “Megan Fox” in Google image search!

3. Bar Refaeli

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

If there’s any evidence that the Middle East is a land of beauty and wonder—not just unending turbulence— Bar is it. The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel with the brain-blowing bod scorched the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year, sending lonely high school gym coaches across the country into cardiac arrest at their mailboxes. These days, you can watch her hosting MTV’s House of Style—if you’re into that sort of thing. Or just keep staring at this incredibly hot photo.

4. Malin Akerman

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

In the dark world of Watchmen, Malin was tasked with one tough mission: distract moviegoers from Billy Crudup’s 12-foot-long blue penis. She succeeded with flying colors–and a peelable latex costume. Watchmen wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Malin (Who can forget her role in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle?), and it won’t be the last. She’s got four new flicks on her busy schedule.

5. Mila Kunis

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

When the cast of Forgetting Sarah Marshall tapped the Ukraine-born Kunis to play Jason Segel’s rebound, who could have predicted that she would throw of the entire premise of the movie? Mila’s combination of exotic beauty and girl-next-door charm would make any sane man forget his ex in three seconds flat. With the upcoming Mike Judge comedy this fall, she cements her sexpot status. For those of us who remember Mila as Ashton Kutcher’s cute (but frankly annoying) girlfriend on That 70s Show, there are two questions: When did she get so insanely hot? And why is she still with Macaulay Culkin?! Maybe some things are better left unanswered.

6. Eliza Dushku

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

On-screen in Fox’s Dollhouse, she’s a lethal hottie who can negotiate a hostage release or recover stolen art for the Greek government. Offscreen, she’s the show’s producer. Either way, you should stay on Eliza’s good side. In March, the former Angel and Buffy babe revealed to us that in addition to working 14-hour days doing many of her own stunts on the show, she still makes time for hygiene. “I love catching a glimpse of my tattoos when I strip down to take a shower.” Eliza, you’ve delivered a roundhouse kick to our heartstrings.

7. Adriana Lima

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

With apologies to Mrs. Tom Brady, it’s Adriana who epitomizes the Brazilian bombshell— her killer curves, ridiculous sexiness, and adorable accent make this supermodel the hottest export from a nation stupid with smoking hot women. In addition to campaigns for Guess and Maybelline, the perfectly proportioned polyglot (she speaks Portuguese, English, and French) has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for nine years running— yet somehow, we never tire of seeing her nearly naked. She broke our hearts when she married Memphis Grizzlies guard Marko Jaric, Commence hating Marko…now!

8. Rihanna

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

Pop’s reigning princess has had a year of wild highs and lows, from two Grammy nods to a much-publicized altercation with R&B singer Chris Brown. But the Barbadian beauty—who picked up a don’t-mess- with-me pistol tat after the incident—is poised to return stronger than ever. Rumor has it she’s already begun recording her fourth album, the follow-up to 2007’s smash Good Girl Gone Bad. We’re dancing already!

Don’t miss Rihanna in FHM magazine!

9. Jordana Brewster

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

No offense, Paul Walker, but this breathtaking daughter of a Brazilian swimsuit model and granddaughter of a Yale University president is the real reason the entire world went to see Fast & Furious. Paul! Wait. Come back. It’s nothing personal!

Don’t miss Jordana Brewster Maxim May 2009.

10. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Maxim Top 100 women

Maxim Top 100 women

If you were finally getting over your 14-yearlong crush on JLH, we apologize for this picture, which will set your recovery back a good decade. Ever since she uttered her first, “Bailey!” on Party of Five, Love has been the object of many a man’s obsession. She left us high and dry for a bit, but her return to the tube on Ghost Whisperer gives us our weekly fix of Love and needy dead people.

Don’t miss Jennifer Love Hewitt Maxim May 2009.

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Fish found in boy's penis

A 2cm long fish apparently found it's way into the penis of a 14-year-old boy from India in a bizarre medical case.

The patient was admitted to hospital with complaints of pain, dribbling urine and acute urinary retention spanning a 24-hour period. According to the boy, the fish slipped into his penis while he was cleaning his aquarium at home.

Professor Vezhaventhan and Professor Jeyaraman, who treated the boy and later wrote a paper on the case, explained: "While he was cleaning the fish tank in his house, he was holding a fish in his hand and went to the toilet for passing urine. When he was passing urine, the fish slipped from his hand and entered his urethra and then he developed all these symptoms."

After detecting the fish in the boy's bladder, Vezhaventhan and Jeyaraman used a technique known as cystourethroscopy to insert a special set of forceps down the patient's penis. Unfortunately, the fish was just too slippery to grip, so they resorted to using a rigid ureteroscope with a tool attached that is normally used for removing bladder stones.

The fish the urologists removed, which Practical Fishkeeping believes to be a small member of the Betta genus, measured 2cm long and 1.5cm wide.

He was later admitted into counseling to help him overcome any trauma.
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Barack Obama get a protest at Univ. Notre Dame

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Did you know that Miss Thailand Universe is a Transsexual?

Thailand are close neighbors Indonesia with an area of 510 thousand km of hills, mountains and valleys and found a lot of the resort-bill in the summer carpet of white sand.

Mmm ... very interesting indeed, but Thailand still have a uniqueness that makes us see that there is impressed a community that they designate as a class of 3 or as a population with a gender to 3

Do not feel tricked and deceived because they all can live side by side with the normal population and the other recently of the class 3 is an annual event titled "Miss Tiffany Universe Transsexual Beauty Pageant"

be careful because the Miss Tiffany Universe is angry they can chase you faster than the men!


In brief:One of the ten finalsits “Miss Virtual Yakutia” beauty contest turned out to be 25-year-old man. Oleg Goncharov diceded to paly a joke and take part in the contest. He turned to a stylist and later ordered portfolio. In the result of visitors he received 369 votes and became one of the TOP-10 finalsists.
Online beauty contest “Miss Virtual Yakutia” has quite a long history and is quite prestigious. However this year witnessed that it is not necessary to be a beautiful young female to win the beauty contest. Oleg Goncharov, 25, decided to jokingly participate in the online contest.

Goncharov submitted his application and photos under the name of ‘Angela Adamova’. Before taking his glamour shots, Goncharov visited a professional stylist who took proper care of his hair-do and make-up.

Goncharov also added some information for the online voters, describing his ‘Angela’ as a person who “tries to make each step in life bright and unforgettable”. And then he urged, “Want to know and see more? Then vote for me, and I will not disappoint you!”

During the voting, ‘Angela Adamova’ received a total of 369 votes and entered the list of ten finalists.

However, all ten selected girls are required to live in a hotel and participate in a reality show for two days while preparing for the final stage of the contest. Finding out that Angela Adamova hides the male alter-ego of Goncharov, the beauty pageant commission disqualified him from further participation. The girl who entered the 11th position in the internet voting would take Goncharov’s place.

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