Wednesday, December 31, 2008

World's Most Expensive Things

In the last week of 2008, worldmustbecrazy wanna give a present for you, this is a gift for a fans of worldmustbecrazy, here is the world's most expensive things.. just imagine, what is the most expensive things in the world?? do you believe if the world's most expensive things are a chocolate box?? hehehe that's really crazy and sounds weird isn't it?? Ok here is the Gift for you.. it's better for you to give one of these things for your lovely ones.. here is World's Most Expensive Things

1. 1 Chocolate Box for $ 1,500,000

La Chocolat serve a selected chocolate along with a diamond collection from Simon's Jewelry, This Diamond Collection are packed along with the chocolate box including a Natural Yellow and Blue Diamond Collection, Jewel, and Sapphire, the price of those chocolate box along with those diamond are worth $1.500.000

2. Cellphone for $1.300.000

This cellphone was designed by Peter Aloisson, Diamond Crypto, this smart phone are made from platinum and gold, and have 80 diamonds on it's cover, and about 50 diamonds on it's side (10 of them was a blue diamond), The cellphone navigation button are made with a half carat diamond which are formed by 28 diamonds, this thing is worth for $1.300.000

3.hello kitty for $163.000

This Hello Kitty miniature was made by Platinum. with width 3.8cm and height 5.6cm, with weight 590gr. this miniature was decorated with a ribbon which was made from a precious stone including, diamond, ruby, pink sapphire and amethysts and also blue topaz, this miniature are worth for $163.000, this thing are sold on Mitsukoshi departement store in tokyo. but it only one in this world. so do you wanna buy it?? for $1.000

This most expensive pizza are made by Nino's Bellissima Pizza in New York USA. This Pizza contained of creme fraiche, chives, 8 ons 4 kind of Petrossian caviar, 4 ons Maine Lobster tails which slice thin, salmon roe,and a little wasabi with diameter size 12 inch. this pizza consist of 8 slices so you have to pay $125 per slice.

5.Handbag for $1.630.000

On 14 june 2007, Ginza tanaka introduce this platinum diamond hand bag on a exhibition in tokyo. this handbag are made from 100% pure platinum, which also decorated by 2.182 Diamond with total 208 carat. this handbag are worth for $1.630.000

6. tequila for $225.000

Can you imagine to spent $225.000 only for buy a drink?? in july 2006, Tequila ley 925 buy a bottle of Platimum and White Gold tequilla for $225.000 from a collector in Mexico city, this drink are made from 100% 6 years old Blue Agave Liquid. this corporation won the Guinness Book of World Record for "World's Most Expensive drink" This company also sell the Golden series for $150.000 and $25.000 for Silver Series

7. Cricket Ball for $68,000

This Diamond Crowned Cricket ball are given as a gift for the Best Indian and Best International Players at 2007 Cricket World Cup Tournament on Cricket World Tournament. this cricket ball are made by Gitanjali Gems Ltd, each ball are covered by 5.728 diamonds, with the total value for about $60.500

8. TV Plasma for $130,000

Yalos Diamonds LCD TV spend $130.000 but it's really worth it because this LCD TV are Covered with a Gold and 20 carat Diamonds

9. tea bag for $14,000

PG tips are a tea maker company from England, Boodles Jewelers(which is the leading jewelry company in england) make a tea bag covered with a diamond in 75 Years celebration of PG Tips this tea bag are home made with 280 diamonds with value of $14,000

10. Gundam character for $41,000

Ginza Tanaka Jewelers Japan, and the Bandai Toy's Company utter that the Miniature from Famous Japan Anime Character "Gundam" (Gundam are the japanesse longest animation series) this miniature are have a weight of 1,400gr with 13cm height, made by pure platinum which made the based name of this toy "Gundam Fixed Platinum" this thing is worth for $41.468

11. Car Park for $225,000

Maybe you need this car park if you live in Manhattan USA, but with the price of $225,000 it's better to buy a Ferrari or live in another place outside Manhattan, in Manhattan a land is really limited so the car park are treated as a real estate, the people also have to wait and queue in a waiting list to get this car park, and also the people who doesn't has a car also buy this spot... OMG the worldmustbecrazy
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