Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to unblock sites by using Google

There are several services at Google that can help you to gain access to blocked sites.It is very promising strategy because your school filters don’t block Google in most cases. Let’s see how to use Google as the proxy.
Google cache

You know, the Google stores snapshot of sites when he’s crawling the internet. So we can use it to access blocked sites. To do this go to the home page of Google and search for the web site you want to access. Then choose ‘Cached’ at search results to retrieve the blocked page using Google’s cache copy of the page. Since these pages are extracted from Google’s servers, you will be allowed to access them in most cases.
Google Translate

The basic idea is simple. Google translate service goes between blocked site and your school computer. Google works very similar to the proxy website in this case. The problem is that we don’t really need pages to be translated. We need them as they are. The solution is to translate them from English to English. The code below will do the work. Just change the url (example.com) with the site you are trying to access.


Unfortunately not long ago Google forbid translating from English to English. But this is no problem. Here’s the trick. You know, the translation software leaves unknown words as they are. So lets set the source language for Arabic (for example). In such case every word on the page will be unknown to Google translator so it leaves them with no changes. Here is the currently working code that helps you to transform the Google translation service to proxy website.


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