Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Charging the Handphone battery with leaves

If your mobile is turn off when the Battery is empty , You can make a call by very
Genius idea

Plant Technology

Plant scientists proved that the invention is acceptable
because the plant has electric power exchangeasic

Basic Method
There are two method to applicate this technology and you must using two different sheet
(sheet larger than the other) show the bic carefully

The first one :
Take your battery mobile and take two of the sheet and put on the edge of the battery
Scratch for a minute and Repet this way a five-times...
Return the battery and Call

Charging by Plant

*( large sheet in the positive and small sheet in the negative )

The second method :
You can use Dry battery with the same plant sheet , show the bic
connent the sheet with the battery as shown,,, wait 15 minutes

Now you can connect the Sheet on the mobile battery at the same concept *

Return the battery, swith your mobile ON and Call

p.s the both method Required a Special type of plant ,, Manja sheet,Butter sheet...etc
i dont know ALL types! )


You Can Try It

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