Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lacy underwear for men now available in stores

It is an open secret that some men try on lacy underwear, bras, suspender belts and other sexy lingerie of their girlfriends and wives. Such men, if they can be referred to as ‘men’ in this case, do not have to hide their secret desires nowadays. Lacy men’s underwear is already available in stores.

American designers created a whole collection of lacy underwear for men. The first test batch appeared in an underwear store in Arizona. The general public had a predictable reaction to it: men grumble and frown, whereas women laugh and purchase many of those undies for their ‘men’.

Men's lace lingerie is for any man who loves the feel of lace against his skin, website reports. Most women know how decadently luxurious lace can help them to feel; why shouldn’t men experience the same? Whether this is a look you’ve been searching for, or is one that you are just mildly curious about, these lacy undergarments are definitely worth exploring.

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Anonymous said...

The wide selection and lower cost of women's lingerie make it the obvious choice for me, however I can understand this company seeking to exploit this niche market.

Anonymous said...

Most crossdressers find traditional female lingerie problematic in that it lacks the support to keep their "tackle" in place (as my 100% heterosexual cressdressing boyfriend explains to me). I hope that this is not just sized for men, but takes this into consideration.

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