Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sikh Paintings

The panels are in the form of embossed brass - made by the craftsmen of Kucha Fakirkhana, Amritsar in the mid 19th century - they are perhaps some of the finest examples of their kind. The panels are arranged in groups of 3 above each of the 4 doors - 12 in total. The themes of the panels can be divided into 4 distinct categories - depictions of the Guru Sahiban , The children of the Guru Sahiban, The Bhagats and Scenes from the Puranas. There are 3 panels that depict the Guru Sahiban - in this panel Guru Nanak Sahib is shown with Saints ,Sants and Sages.

here is a similar mural in the Akhara of Bala Nand , Amritsar - which names the saints as - on the left Bharthi Nath ji , Gorakh Nath ji and on the right Macchandar Nath ji
A side note , which I hope is not flippant - does anyone know why the saint - in the bottom right hand side corner - has what appears to be a ‘Thaatee’ - a cloth used by some Sikh men to press their beards - around his chin , does this have any significance?

In this panel Guru Gobind Singh Ji is depicted with Five Singhs

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