Friday, May 22, 2009

Techniques of French Kissing

Find here 7 steps to great French kissing.

1) Good oral hygiene is probably the most important first step when it comes to kissing. Ideally, you'd have your teeth checked out. Good teeth health will reduce bad breath. Make sure you get the tongue really well. You can find many good tongue brushes out there. Just like anything else, preparation matters alot.

2) Never be overexcited when it comes to kissing. Be patient. Your lover/date will feel it. Detecting signals isn't always easy. Try to figure out what your lover is trying to tell you with their body language. Kissing isn't only about using your lips and tongue!

3) At the right time for you to kiss, you may feel excitement. Just don't over think, or over stress. Keeping good eye contact can make you look more confident. A smile at the other person at this moment is great. Not only is it very sexy, but it also lets the other person know that you are interested in them.

4) It's time to get close. Close enough to feel each other's breath. The moment is now.

5) Lean in forward slowly. Start off with a few gentle kisses, and build up both of your comfort levels. Usually, it is considered respectful to keep your eyes closed during kissing. I don't think it's a rule. Do what works best for you. Once you pass the kissing comfort level, it may be time for a bit more. There is no reason to stay at kissing each other lips.

6) When you approach the lips for the French kiss, fully kiss on the lips and use your tongue to gently part the lips of the other person. Continue the gentle kisses with the tip of your tongue. Don't be afraid to slowly move it around without going in too deep.

7) When it comes to your tongues, you now know that you have both passed the comfort level of lips kissing. You can now start feeling the sides of your tongues. Maybe even start turning your tongues around each other's tongues. You don't want to be doing this too fast. It would just seem weird. And doing it too slowly would make you look tongue numb.

A few important tips: don't move too fast if the person doesn't feel at ease. not everyone enjoys French kissing at first. Don't over use your tongue. The person will most likely not like feeling like an ice cream cone.

Besides this, you can only improve your kissing over time.
By Rony UK

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