Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Abandoned Asian Theme Parks

amusement park
Images: spiral via DRB

Our uncanny fascination with abandoned places seems endless. Every time we come across photographs of buildings or sites that have fallen from grandeur we gorge on their demise, but not in a crude way. These photographs of another life offer the chance to see things as they once were and to imagine what could have been had they not fallen into disrepair, lying forgotten and ravaged by time and the elements.

scary looking roller coaster

Now covered in dense undergrowth, the rusting eerie spaces of an abandoned amusement park are once again, rather unwittingly, offering pleasure, only this time a different type of pleasure. Pleasure for the imagination. As we indulge in the images before us we can’t help wondering about their history, and their future.

More images of these abandoned amusement parks, and others, can be viewed at Dark Roasted Blend.

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