Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Boeing 747 Restaurant of South Korea

Image via Dark Roasted Blend

Repurposing old buildings is quite the thing to do these days, but it’s not a scratch on applying such recycling principles to giant-sized vehicles. A Boeing 747, the first jumbo jet to be flown commercially, sits in South Korea – a decommissioned airliner that found a new lease of life converted into a restaurant.

It looks a little out of place stuck in the middle of the city, looming over the highway yet dwarfed by surrounding apartments, but it casts even more of a forlorn figure when you find out it has been abandoned for the second time and is no longer in use as an eatery either. Crying shame; we’d have definitely sampled the aeronautically themed ambience.

To see loads of extra pics and learn more about this strange converted aircraft, fly on over to Dark Roasted Blend

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