In an astonishing development Lee Jeans’ controversial ‘Lolita’ advertisement campaign for spring-summer 2006, has been declared acceptable by the Advertising Standards Board. The advertisement campaign has portrayed a young woman in sexually explicit pose; however, the advertisement watchdog has considered it inoffensive. The board has dismissed the complaints about the campaign saying the ad was not appropriate despite having sexual overtones. The advertisement was being displayed at South Yarra railway station on a billboard.

According to the reports, the board held that the woman in advertising is over 18, and is dressed up in a fashion that is prevalent or fashionable among young women for summer. Further, it ruled out that consumption of this style of lollipop is now frequent among young women. Many groups including Australian Childhood Foundation had expressed deep anguish over the advertisement campaign.

The campaign was shot by the famous US photographer Terry Richardson, who is believed to have been paid $200,000 for the assignment. The amount is almost ten times what an average Australian photographer would earn for the same ad campaign.

On the other hand, the company has described its campaign as ‘tongue in cheek, kitschy and over-exaggerated portrayal of classic denim poses’. Following is the preview of entire campaign.