Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 20 Most Annoying Guy Habits

20 Annoying Guy Habits And Behaviors

Our peeps over at Lemondrop wrote about the most annoying girl habits or behaviors. We agree that women who pretend to be lesbians while dancing drunk with their friends are annoying. But what about the things guys do? After the jump, the top 20 things guys do that annoy us. If we’ve forgotten any personal pet-peeves, tell us in the comments.

  1. Nose picking
  2. Leaving facial hair in the sink after shaving
  3. Adjusting or scratching your balls or peen in public
  4. Digging underwear out of your butt cheeks
  5. Nail cutting in public
  6. Lying about your height
  7. Saying you’ll call and then don’t
  8. Wearing pants hanging off your butt
  9. Wearing pants that are tighter than most women’s
  10. Not paying on dates just because you’re cheap
  11. Wearing hole-y tighty-whities because you refuse to do your laundry
  12. Drinking until comatose
  13. Stopping everything you’re doing just to admire a luxury car
  14. Obsessing about your receding hairline or bald spot
  15. Criticizing our porn preferences and habits
  16. Trying to make us feel guilty for our shopping habits
  17. Buying new video games when you still haven’t beat the last three
  18. Making us spend time your mother when you know we can’t stand each other
  19. Always using us as an excuse when you don’t want to break plans with friends
  20. Letting your “pet” mold flourish in the shower

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