Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did you know that Miss Thailand Universe is a Transsexual?

Thailand are close neighbors Indonesia with an area of 510 thousand km of hills, mountains and valleys and found a lot of the resort-bill in the summer carpet of white sand.

Mmm ... very interesting indeed, but Thailand still have a uniqueness that makes us see that there is impressed a community that they designate as a class of 3 or as a population with a gender to 3

Do not feel tricked and deceived because they all can live side by side with the normal population and the other recently of the class 3 is an annual event titled "Miss Tiffany Universe Transsexual Beauty Pageant"

be careful because the Miss Tiffany Universe is angry they can chase you faster than the men!


In brief:One of the ten finalsits “Miss Virtual Yakutia” beauty contest turned out to be 25-year-old man. Oleg Goncharov diceded to paly a joke and take part in the contest. He turned to a stylist and later ordered portfolio. In the result of visitors he received 369 votes and became one of the TOP-10 finalsists.
Online beauty contest “Miss Virtual Yakutia” has quite a long history and is quite prestigious. However this year witnessed that it is not necessary to be a beautiful young female to win the beauty contest. Oleg Goncharov, 25, decided to jokingly participate in the online contest.

Goncharov submitted his application and photos under the name of ‘Angela Adamova’. Before taking his glamour shots, Goncharov visited a professional stylist who took proper care of his hair-do and make-up.

Goncharov also added some information for the online voters, describing his ‘Angela’ as a person who “tries to make each step in life bright and unforgettable”. And then he urged, “Want to know and see more? Then vote for me, and I will not disappoint you!”

During the voting, ‘Angela Adamova’ received a total of 369 votes and entered the list of ten finalists.

However, all ten selected girls are required to live in a hotel and participate in a reality show for two days while preparing for the final stage of the contest. Finding out that Angela Adamova hides the male alter-ego of Goncharov, the beauty pageant commission disqualified him from further participation. The girl who entered the 11th position in the internet voting would take Goncharov’s place.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of that film, ‘The Crying Game’, when Stephen Rea has discovered ’she’ is actually ‘he’. She prostrates herself, saying ’she’ loves him and he loves ‘her’, so whats the problem?
He replies, ”yes, but you’re not a woman. You’re a man”.
‘She’ retorts casually ”Details, Baby, Details.”))

Anonymous said...

To quote the great Eazy-E: “Damn! Dropped the gat from my hand. What I thought was a bitch was nothin’ but a man!” Awesome. I love these stories.

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