Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheers! just to maintain the spirit of shopping

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Men, imagine. If you could go to a textile shop and have a beer or a peg or something to chill, won’t it be nice thing? Sounds crazy? Well, it’s true. Retailers are trying to get men to shop more like women by offering them in-store drinks. Men often linger and browse, buy items on impulse, and return time and again to a favorite store. To combat this habit and make them purchase-friendly this inebriated idea comes to prevail.

Reports say about this growing trend of luring men with liquor. In many states, stores don’t need a liquor license because they are serving drinks free, not selling them. New Jersey and Georgia are among the states which do require a license, even for drinks offered free.

May be, a good strategy for the shops to make the sales go high at the time of recession. They may want to cut the ad cost and do a different kind of marketing strategy.

Hmm. Bars beware!

Via: The Wall Street Journal

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