By 2012, Taiwan- based LED maker Epistar has set certain target for the company to produce efficiencies for DC and AC powered LEDs. It is aiming to produce 150 lumens/ watt (lm/w) for DC and 130lm/w for AC- powered LEDs, which in today’s scenario is 100lm/w and 70lm/w respectively. In addition to this, the efficiencies will simultaneously increase for DC and AC by 50% and 86% respectively. The LED equipped devices are now expected to last longer on a single charge.

Epistar has recently attained the goal of producing 100lm/w with high power blue LEDs. You can see the blue LEDs in the market in July 2009 and blue AC powered LEDs in October 2009.

A typical 60W bulb produces 890 lumens, which means that 14.8 lumens are produced per watt. On the other hand the fluorescent light bulbs produces 71lm/W which is more energy saving then the other ordinary bulbs.

Using LEDs in your homes will provide you with dual benefit. First, it will help to save your money on electric bills and secondly the 2000W of electricity you use per day will provide the same elucidation using LEDs with 197 W.